Foundation Crack Repair Calgary

The foundation – made up of the footing and the foundation wall – is a system that when properly installed, should last a lifetime. Nobody wants to see foundation cracks in their basement, but they do happen.

Most foundational wall cracks are non-structural and simply shrinkage cracks that need to be waterproofed. At Basement Technologies Calgary Ltd. we have 2 methods of repair for a basement wall crack.

What we do

Exterior crack repairs – usually requires excavation down to the foundation footing to expose the full length of the crack. We then recommend a two-step process that involves a below grade Peel & Stick membrane, followed by the installation of DMX AG Foundation Wrap, which allows water to drain straight down to the weeping tile system at the foundation footing.

Interior crack repairs – are generally done with the application of a polyurethane resin that is injected directly into the crack.

For repairs that are more structural in nature, the services of an engineer are typically required. Epoxy injections and reinforcement strapping are common solutions to this type of damage.

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Foundation Crack Repair Calgary